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EvacU Stand Alone Occupant Warning System

EvacU Standalone Cabinet

EvacU is a fully self-contained Occupant Warning System.

Systems are available from 25W up to 200W and incorporate Ampac’s new range of Class “D” Amplifiers, Control & Indicating modules, and Line splitters.

Up to eight Emergency zones and eight separate Paging Zones can be configured using the dedicated EvacUwiz programming tool.

  • Highly Efficient Class "D" Amplifier Technology
  • Alert and Evacuation Signals to AS1670.1 / NZS4512
  • Speaker Line Monitoring and Protection
  • Monitored Visual Output
  • Volume Control
  • Dedicated Emergency Microphone
  • Secondary BGM and PA Audio Input
  • False Alarm, System Test and LockDown Messages
  • Custom Messages
  • Up to 8 Emergency Zones can be programmed
  • 8 Zone Remote Paging Console
  • 4 Way Line Splitter Module

Approvals: AS 4428-16:2015 Grade 2 & Grade 3

    Power Supply  
    Standalone CIE 3, 5 or 10Amps @ 24V
    Integrated 24 V DC supplied by the FACP
    Amplifiers (Audio) Quiescent / Alarm
    25W 20 mA / 1.19 A each
    50W 20 mA / 2.39 A each
    Amplifiers (Visual)
    Visual Output 1A Max per Amplifier
    Dual Xenon Max 8 sets
    Dual LED Max 40 sets
    Amplifiers Audio O/P 100Vac, DC Monitored
    Emergency Zones Up to 8 max
    Front Controls (Max 1) 10.5 mA Quiescent
    Zone Indicator (Max 1) 10.5 mA Quiescent
    Line Splitter 10.5mA Quiescent
    100V Monitored Line outs 4 (Max 100W each to a max of 250W total)
    Remote Paging Console 5.5 mA Quiescent
    Number of Zones 8
    BGM Input Source 3.5mm Audio Jack
    Cable CAT5 RJ45 connection
    Cable Distance 100m
    Standalone 500mm H x 405mm W x 150mm D
    Cabinet 625mm H x 518mm W x 173mm D
    6050-0010-1100 EvacU 25W 3A
    6050-0010-1200 EvacU 50W 3A
    6050-0010-0700 EvacU 120W 10A
    6050-0010-1400 EvacU 100W (2 x 50W) 5A
    6010-0010 External Microphone
    6010-0012 8 Zone Indicator Module
    6010-0013 4 Way Line Splitter
    6010-0014 8 Zone Paging Console