Occupant Warning System

Ampac - World Leader of Innovative Solutions in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Occupant Warning System 

Ampac offers a range of Emergency Warning Control and Indicating Equipment (EWCIE).

The EWCIE is intended to broadcast information (voice announcements for emergency purposes, alert signals, evacuate signals, visual and tactile warning devices) to provide warning to the occupants within one or more specified areas in an emergency, to effect a rapid and orderly mobilisation of occupants in an indoor or outdoor area.

Whether combined in Ampac’s Fire Control Panels (FACP) or as a fully self-contained Standalone System the EWCIE consists of the Amplifier/s (25W, 50W, 120W, 200W and 500W variants), a Front Panel Switch and Indicator Module and optional Zone Indicating Module, Line Monitoring Units and Remote Paging Console (RPC).