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SmartGraphics Graphical Event Management System

SmartGraphics Main Map Smart Graphics Main Screen SmartGraphics Floor Select Screen SmartGraphics Access Map SmartGraphics Area Map SmartGraphics Fire Status Indication Screen

Ampac’s SmartGraphicsHD System unleashes the full power of Ampac's fire detection and alarm systems by creating a robust and versatile hub for controlling your fire detection, alarm, and intercom systems with one fully integrated package. Flexible and intuitive in its design, SmartGraphicsHD puts the command of your systems at your fingertips.

  • Clearly shows on the building floor plan the start and spread of the fire and the status of the emergency warning and intercom system.
  • Has capabilities of e-mailing maps to emergency service organisations and key stakeholders.
  • Supports the latest 1920x1080 HD computer technology.
  • Able to operate over existing IT infrastructure.
  • Can be expanded to incorporate multi-site facilities into one central monitoring package.
  • Historic data log on the activity of the fire detection system and alarm system.
  • Three level password protection.
  • Detailed Egress Pathways.
  • Building Information (like hazardous materials) and mustering point displayed on maps

    Computer (Rec Min)

    Intel Core Processor 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, CDROM, 6 USB Ports.

    Serial Comms Port for Connection to FACP (RS232/RS485 as required).

    Windows XP Professional (32bit) or Windows 7 Professional (32bit).

    Monitor 20" min (Resolution 1920 x 1080)
    RS232 Comms

    1 Pair Twisted & Screened

    15m Maximum from FireFinder

    Baud Rate - 9600 to 38400

    RS485 Comms

    1 Pair Twisted & Screened

    1200m Maximum from FireFinder

    Ethernet 8 pin RGRJ45 Connector, 10/100 Mbps IEEE 802.3. IEEE 802.38
    4100-0002 License Package Only
    4100-0003 License Package & Computer - Including Colour Laser Printer
    4100-0004 License Package & Embedded Computer with Touch Screen - Including Colour Laser Printer
    4100-0005 License Package & Computer with Touch Screen Monitor - Including Colour Laser Printer
    159-0279 Ethernet Gateway (Factory Fitted)