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120W Occupant Warning System

Occupant Warning System 120W Amplifier

The Ampac Single Zone Occupant Warning System is available as a 120 Watt audio output with optional front panel control. The alert and evacuation signals are compliant to AS1670.1 and NZS4512 including voice messages as standard.

The speaker circuit is protected and monitored for shorts and interruptions. Up to three spur lines (branches) are supported. A monitored strobe output is provided as a standard that supports both xenon and led strobes.

Each audio source (alert/evacuation signals, emergency paging, and secondary analogue audio input) has a dedicated volume control.

Three programmable relays are provided, which default to Emergency Warning Condition, Fault, and Test Mode.

The optional front panel control has an integrated emergency microphone (and can optionally support a handheld microphone)

The Single Zone Occupant Warning System is suitable for use in Ampac’s FireFinder and FireFinder PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panels.

  • Optional front panel control
  • Alert and Evacuation Signals to AS 1670.1
  • Speaker Line Monitoring and Protection
  • Monitored strobe output
  • Volume Control
  • Dedicated emergency microphone input
  • Secondary analogue audio input
  • Programmable evacuation strategies
  • False Alarm, System test and Lock Down Messages
  • Three programmable output relays

    Supply Voltage 27 V DC (nominal)
    Max Audio Load 120 Watt
    Quiescent Current (no audio load, no strobe load) 240 mAmps
    Max. Current (full audio load, no strobe load) 8 Amps
    Strobe Output (Xenon) 8 sets (208-0011)
    Strobe Output (LED) 40 sets (4107-1005/6)
    Audio Output Voltage 100 V AC
    Temperature -20°C to 70°C
    Humidity 0-95% (non-condensing)
    Alert / Evac Changeover Time (secs) Alert only, Evac only, 60, 90, 120, 180, 300 or under manual control
    Speaker EOL Nominal 47kΩ 5% 1/3 Watt
    THD <0.6%
    Signal to Noise Ratio 91dB
    Amplifier Dimension L 170mm x W 210mm x H 85mm
    6010-0004 OWS 120W Amplifier
    6010-0003 OWS Indicator & Controls