Bar Graph Display

Product Overview

Each Wagner Titanus Bar Graph Display fitted allows the discrete display of:

  • 1 Detector with 2 Heads fitted, or
  • 2 Detectors with 1 Head fitted


Multiple displays can be installed within a FireFinder or LoopSense panel to display the status of PRO•SENS units connected via XP95 loops as well as loops connected over FireFinder networking. A remote Bar Graph Display, housed within a dedicated enclosure can also be provided for connection to either the FireFinder or LoopSense control panels.


  • Individual multi-level status display of Wagner Titanus PRO•SENS units easily connected via an XP95 loop
  • Support on FireFinder and LoopSense Fire Control systems
  • Direct access to local unit reset of a single PRO•SENS that is mapped to the display. Latched panel and Bar Graph conditions are retained
  • Direct control and display of a detector heads Enable/Disable status avoiding having to call up on the FIP keypad
  • Indication of the pre-programmed levels of smoke obscuration triggered, each with separate delay timers and status LEDs
  • Bar Graph indication of the current smoke obscuration level of the PRO•SENS detector

Item Numbers

4310-0088 Bar Graph Display – Titanus (add on kit)
4310-0089 Remote Bar Graph cw Enclosure
LAB1485 Bar Graph Titanus – Label