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Multi-Purpose Output Card

The Multi-Purpose Output Card (MOC) occupies one slot within the EvacUElite Universal Rack Frame.

The MOC provides eight single ended supervised outputs, suitable for driving alarm warning devices such as strobes or (VADs) or general purpose (12-28VDC) outputs.

Each pair of outputs x 4 can be configured as a reverse polarity output, suitable for driving Ampac alert/evac strobes.

Outputs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8:

  • Single ended supervised output x 8 @750 mA each @28 V (Configurable up to 2 Amps)
  • Paired output (Voltage reversal), 1.5 Amps per output (Configurable up to 2 Amps)
  • 6 Amps maximum current draw per card.
  • A maximum quantity of 6 x MOCs can be fitted in one Universal Rack due to ‘potential’ current draw.

    Rating Max 1.5 amps per output, and total of 6 amps per card
    Monitoring EOL Selectable 3K3Ω, 4K7Ω and 10KΩ
    S/C and O/C Monitoring Yes
    Output Voltage Range 12 to 28 Vdc
    Resolution 1 Vdc
    Accuracy <3%
    Maximum Output Ripple 2% pk/pk
    No. of Rack Slots Required 1
    Current Consumption 34 mA @24VDC (quiescent), 6.85 Amps (fully loaded)


    6350-MOC Multi-Purpose Output Card