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Multi-Purpose Output Card

The EvacU Elite Multi-Purpose Output Card (MOC) provides eight single-ended supervised outputs, suitable for driving alarm warning devices such as Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), Strobes, or Vibrating Pads.

Each pair of outputs can be configured as a reverse polarity output suitable for driving Ampac alert/evac strobes.

  • Occupies one slot with the EvacU Elite Universal Rack Frame. 
  • Provides 8 single-ended supervised outputs.
  • Suitable for driving VADs, Strobes, Ampac Alert/Evac Dual Strobes, or Vibrating Pads.

    Rating Max 1.5 amps per output, and total of 6 amps per card
    Monitoring EOL Selectable 3K3Ω, 4K7Ω and 10KΩ
    S/C and O/C Monitoring Yes
    Output Voltage Range 12 to 28 Vdc
    Resolution 1 Vdc
    Accuracy <3%
    Maximum Output Ripple 2% pk/pk
    No. of Rack Slots Required 1
    Current Consumption 34 mA @24VDC (quiescent), 6.85 Amps (fully loaded)


    6350-MOC Multi-Purpose Output Card