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Dual Loop EIS Line Card

The EvacU Elite Dual Loop EIS Line Card provides two individually supervised fault-tolerant loop interfaces connecting loop addressable Warden Handsets and associated Manual Call Points.

Each EvacU Elite Dual Loop EIS Line Card can connect 40 Warden Handsets (20 per loop) reducing cabling requirements and installation time compared to a radial configuration. It offers significant space-saving with 1 rack slot providing connection to 40 Warden Handsets compared to 10 rack slots using the Quad Radial EIS Line Card.

  • Fully digital audio.
  • Saves space and installation time.
  • Uses 2 Core UTP Cable Loop (Unshielded Twisted Pair).
  • Loop break diagnostics.

    No. of Loop Interfaces 2
    Handsets per Loop 20
    EAIDs per Handset 2 Max
    Max Loop Length  1 km
    Signaling Proprietary Modulated Digital Over Power
    Cabling 2 Core 1.5mm2 (max), Unshielded Twisted Pair
    Max Distance Between Handsets 500m
    No. of Rack Slots Required 1
    Current Consumption LILC 68mA @ 24 V DC (Quiescent)
    Loop Handset Handset = 18mA Quiescent, 22mA Active


    6350-LILC Dual Loop EIS Line Card