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Distribution CPU Card

The EvacU Elite Distribution CPU (DCPU) Card links to the Graphical User Interface and controls cards within the Universal Rack Frame by issuing commands and routing the required audio down the All-Purpose Back Plane.

  • Fits into a dedicated slot within the Universal Rack Frame.
  • Mini USB is used for programming.
  • Provides connection for 2 background music sources.

    Relay 1 Double pole, single throw (2xCOM, 1xNO, 1xNC)
    Relay 2 and 3 Single pole, double throw (COM, NO, NC)
    Relay Rating Max voltage 48VDC / 30VAC, max current 1A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 30VAC
    Ethernet RJ45—Primary GUI with proprietary power and transformer isolation
    BGM 2 channels available, 10kΩ impedance, max input +4 dBu
    Inputs 2 Monitored
    Micro SD 1 Available
    Mini USB Device Connection
    Digital Audio Input/Output MLVDS, 2 x lanes TDM bi-directional, data rate 8.192Mbs per lane, supports 64 audio streams at 16kHz @ 16 bits/ 32 audio streams at 32kHz @ 16 bits
    Control Signal Input CAN, and MLVDS @ 12Mbps
    Control Signal Output MLVDS @ 921.6 kps
    No. of Rack Slots Required 1 (Dedicated)
    Current Consumption 96 mA @ 24VDC (quiescent)
    6350-DCPU Distribution CPU Card