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EvacUElite Public Address Interface Card

The Ampac PAIC* module provides interconnection between EvacUElite and Bosch Praesensa systems via an ethernet Cat 5 and audio link.

The Emergency Warning system Control and Indicating Equipment (EWCIE) interface with the Bosch PA system hardware and speakers.    

PAIC consumes one ‘rack slot’ in the Primary EvacUElite rack and is installed with a specific DCPU-B version which provides an emergency audio source into the Bosch PA hardware.

The Bosch Praesensa system comprises of various PA system components. Bosch PA system amplifiers connect to Bosch PA speakers. The integrated system uses Bosch desk or wall-mounted PA Call stations. The Bosch system controls public address, music sources & routings, PA priority settings, etc.

The EvacUElite will automatically take control & priority in the event of Fire Panel inputs or Speech announcements made from the Emergency Microphone or use of Manual EWS mode.
Visual Alarm devices (VADs) and EICIE (Emergency Intercommunication CIE) aka Warden intercom systems connect as normal to the Ampac system.

Approvals: CSIRO Active Fire Certificate AFP3852 

* PAIC aka Public Address Interface Card

    EvacU Elite Public Address Interface Card 6350-PAIC
    EvacU Elite Distribution CPU Card "Version B with Audio Jack"  6350-DCPU-B
    EvacU Elite Network+CPU-B Copper Module (VDSL 1km) 6350-NETCOPPER-B