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Xpander Sounder Beacon & Sounder Base

Xpander Sounder Visual Indicator and Sounder Base XPander Sounder Beacon (Amber) and Base (White)

Xpander Sounder Beacons can be wall or ceiling-mounted and use a bi-directional monitored radio platform to communicate. They feature 32 selectable tones and a self-test which causes a fault signal to be sent if the sounders fail to operate. The self-test is selected using the DIL switch.

The address of the Sounder Beacons is set at the commissioning stage by means of an XPERT card.

  • Eliminates cable problems.
  • Enables DDA compliance.
  • The output is between 92dB(A) and 106dB(A) at 1M dependant on the tone setting
  • Optional IP55 weather-resistant kit

Approval: AS 4428.9-2006

    Voltage 3 V dc
    Alarm Tones (Selectable) Includes Temporal T3
    IP Rating IP21C
    Sound Output 100 dB(A)
    4107-8303 Xpander Sounder Beacon (Red) and Base (Red)
    4107-8304 Xpander Sounder Beacon (Amber) and Base (White)
    4107-8305 Xpander Sounder Beacon (Clear) and Base (White)
    4107-8308 Xpander Sounder IP55 Weather Resistant Kit