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Ampac Proudly Delivers PRO.SENS®

Ampac has partnered with Wagner and is proud to deliver the highly sensitive Titanus Aspirating Smoke Detection System. This partnership with foresee Ampac to bring you the future of Aspirating Smoke Detection, in conjunction with the FastSense range.

The Wagner Titanus Family of products provides early fire detection, therefore minimising damage when time is critical. It relies on air sampling systems for smoke detection via a pipe system that actively takes air samples from the risk and passes them to an optical chamber.

In contrast to point-type detectors which can be limited in their environmental applications, air sampling smoke detection systems can possess a higher sensitivity, leading to quick and reliable fire detection.

Titanus PRO•SENS®

Titanus PRO•SENS® is a universal air sampling device suitable for a broad range of applications. The high degree of modularity of the device makes it possible to achieve a cost-effective solution  customised to suit the specific needs of the customer.


  • Robust & Efficient High-Pressure Light Source (HPLS) Detection Technology;
  • LOGIC•SENS Fire Pattern Recognition Technology;
  • Freezer Version Operates in -40Deg to +60DegC with No Heater Boxes Required;
  • A Powerful & Efficient Aspirator Allowing up to 560m of Pipework;
  • A BlowFree System for Programmed or Automated On-Demand Pipe Clearing ;
  • Modular Plug-In Detector Heads for a Customised & Cost-Effective Solution & Maintenance;
  • Dual Detector Ability Allows Separate Monitoring & Reporting of Room & Equipment with One Unit;
  • Time-Saving Installation & Commissioning Via Plug & Play Setup;
  • Large Capacity 3-Stage Filters with Selectable 1-15 Micron Ratings;
  • A Large Range of Fittings, Pipework, and Sampling Points;
  • XP95 Interfacing to FireFinderTM    and LoopSenseTM    Fire Control Panels;
  • FIP Bar Graph Display Module Available & SmartGraphicsHD Display Integration;
  • Cost-Effective Solutions for Every Application Type.

An additional price advantage comes with the optional equipping of the device with a second detector module. The base PRO•SENS® unit with 2 detector heads fitted (TITANUS PRO•SENS® 2) can be used for separate zone detection of a room and its equipment, or configured as a double knock tripping system. Each detector is completely separate, with no switching or leak between detection zones. Thanks to its powerful fan operating at up to 560Pa, pipe lengths up to 560m can be achieved with 2 detectors fitted.

TITANUS PRO•SENS® is available with an interface to suit a Conventional System, or an XP95 Addressable on FireFinder, through to SmartGraphicsHD display system.


The robust TITANUS PRO•SENS® offers an excellent solution for detection in areas where other types of smoke detection have long reached their limits. These include:

  • IT Installations & Clean Rooms;
  • Warehouse, Transport & Logistics Centre;
  • Cold Storage Facilities;
  • Libraries & Museums;
  • Archival Storage Areas;
  • Production and Assembly Lines;
  • Hospitals, Hotel Rooms, and Saunas;
  • Recycling areas;
  • Rail vehicles and tunnels.