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EvacUElite available now in New Zealand!


We’re excited to introduce EvacUElite, our new-generation EWCIE, available now in New Zealand.

Approved to NZS4512-2021, the EvacUElite is designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of a fire or an emergency.

The EvacUElite presents a fully compliant, user-friendly control and indication functionality via a cutting-edge 9” colour touchscreen user interface. Its practical menu layout is fully configurable, allowing customisation to suit site-specific needs.
This system provides cost and time savings across its lifespan, from installation to operation and maintenance, with single-point programming and minimal cabling needs.  

The EvacUElite supports a high-level interface to an Ampac FireFinderPLUS in individual or a combination of cabinets. Available in a 13U wall mount or 24U floor-standing cabinet, the EvacUElite is suitable for any small or large projects.

The EvacUElite presents the following features: 

  • Modular card-frame architecture housed within a self-contained cabinet;
  • Networkable up to 64 nodes in a fault-tolerant loop network;
  • Single power supply;
  • Background music inputs configured in software and on-site programmable;
  • Fault-tolerant design allowing the Warden Handsets to be wired in a loop configuration with an innovative two-wire design;
  • Highly flexible, easy-to-use configuration tool ensuring a seamless integration of ever-changing consultant and site engineering requirements.

What do our customers say about it?

Over 500 EvacUElite have been installed in Australia. Here’s what some of our customers have said about Ampac’s new generation EWCIE:

"The EvacUElite was preferred over the old AS2220 system due to its fully configurable touch-screen user interface. The installation was a breeze and it worked effectively straight from the get-go." 

"Ampac’s support with their new EvacUElite product made the commissioning and handover process seamless. The system is lightning fast, highly responsive, robust and the facilities management team from the school are delighted with the result." 

The use of the site means the system will be required to frequently change and adapt to new tenants. We identified Ampac’s systems were the best in the market to achieve this for the future life of the building. The installation of the EvacUElite went smoothly.”

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