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Ampac Input Output Interfaces

Ampac’s extensive range of Input Output Interface devices are designed to control and monitor third party equipment connected to fire detection and alarm systems. The monitored input provides supervision for one or more normally open contacts connected to a single pair of cables and a relay output contact is provided to control the operation of plant equipment.

The input is monitored for both short and open circuit conditions, and is protected against accidental connection to the detection loop. The input circuit is conditioned with de-bounce circuitry for enhanced noise rejection and is protected against high transient voltages.

The output incorporates a single pole, voltage free clean contact changeover relay with common, normally open and normally closed terminals provided for field cabling.

The Ampac Input Output Interface device is loop powered and incorporates bi directional isolation circuitry to provide protection against detection loop short circuits. On board LED status indication is provided for service and commissioning purposes, a feature that can be deactivated during normal operation to reduce the current draw on the system.

Three interface device variants are available, the Single Input/Output, Dual Input/Output and the Triple Input/Output, each with 3mm screw fixing (supplied) or provision for 35mm DIN rail mount fixings.

The EOL Device comprising 20K EOL resistor and 4K7 Alarm initiating resistor is included with each Input/Output interface device. A 10K resister (not supplied) can also be placed in parallel with the EOL and will initiate a Pre-alarm at the control panel.

A 10-way DIP switch is provided to set the device address, loop protocol and LED control.

  • Loop Powered
  • Monitored Input
  • Built in Short Circuit Isolator
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • Diagnostic LED Indications
  • Compatible with FireFinder Plus & LoopSense
  • Clean Contact Relay Output

Activfire Certified

    Description Single Input/Output Interface Device Dual Input/Output Interface Device Triple Input/Output Interface Device
    Item No.  4210-0151 4210-0152 4210-0153
    Operating Voltage 17 to 28V dc (nominal voltage 27Vdc)
    Quiescent current @ 27Vdc 0.42mA 0.58mA 0.66mA
    Power-up surge current 5.34mA 5.61mA 5.97mA
    Max current LEDs On 3.00mA 4.42mA 6.10mA
    Max Current LEDs disabled 1.61mA 2.42mA 3.07mA
    Relay output contact rating 1A at 30V dc or ac
    Operating Temperature - 40°C + 70°C
    Humidity  0 to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
    Weight 40g 55g 76g
    Standards & Approvals AS ISO 7240.17:2021 and AS ISO 7240.18:2018 - Activfire certificate # afp-3690
    4210-0151 Single Input Output Interface Device
    4210-0152 Dual Input Output Interface Device
    4210-0153 Triple Input Output Interface Device
    4210-0034 ABS Interface Enclosure
    4210-0035 Mild Steel Interface Enclosure
    4210-0159 Fire Alarm Interface Label for 4210-0035