EasyFit Ceiling Speakers


Product Overview

The EasyFit range of Ceiling Speakers are lightweight, quick and easy to install, and are finished in unobtrusive white with an attractive metal grille. The EasyFit Ceiling Speaker offers a wide frequency range along with good sound dispersion ensuring quality music reproduction and excellent speech intelligibility.


  • Four useful sizes: 4”, 5”, 6.5”, 8”
  • Choice of power rating: 5W, 10W, 15W, & 30W
  • Wide bandwidth for music reproduction
  • Wide dispersion for speech intelligibility
  • Simple output-level selection
  • Easily flush-mounted in ceilings or bulkheads
  • Dependable rota-clamp fixing system
  • Blends in with virtually all interiors



Refer Product Data Sheet – PDS218-0041

Item Numbers

218-0041 Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 5w 4” – EVAC
218-0042 Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 5w 5” – Brilliant White
218-0043 Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 5w 5” White
218-0044 Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 10w 6.5”
218-0045 Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 15w 8” White
218-0046  Ceiling Speaker, Easyfit 30w 8″ White