120 Watt Power Amplifier

Product Overview

The module is a 120 watt (RMS) audio power amplifier designed to meet AS2220-1989 in an AMPAC EV3000 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System.


  • A modular power amplifier that is rated at 120 watts.
  • Multi-channel audio input supports Alert tone, Evacuation tone, Public Address, and background music.
  • Continuous monitoring of amplifier and 100 volt speaker circuit.
  • Overload protection with Automatic.
  • Easily plugs into an Ampac EV3000 amplifier frame.
  • Can fit up to 4 amplifiers per frame.


Voltage 24V dc
Quiescent current 175mA
Max current 8100mA
Max output power 120 Watts
Output voltage 100V ac RMS
Freq. Response 210Hz to 14.5kHz (±1dB)
Distortion < 0.2% at full load
Signal to Noise 77 dB
Overload 100 VRMS + 10%
Weight 1160 grams

Item Numbers

120 Watt Power Amplifier 154-0077