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FastSense ASD Pipe Fittings

The FastSense Detectors are complemented by a range of light grey fittings intended to ensure that the system will suit most applications. ‘The Clever Alternative’ extends beyond the detectors and includes fittings with unique features.

  • Pipes, printed with red markings, have ‘bell’ ends for easy fit to the next pipe, thus saving time and material (less need for coupling for pipe joins)
  • T-piece is available with friction or lock fitting
  • The friction fit sampling points are aesthetically designed and have an easy fit ‘finger twist’ lock nut
  • Resilient snap-on conduit saddle clips and collars, are a boon for installers
  • Sampling kits are available with either friction or locking TPiece and also includes a one (1) metre sampling tube and sampling point
  • Sampling pipe plug available for extending sampling point whilst being unobtrusive


    FastSense Grey Fittings – 25mm
    230-0061 Pipe (4 metre length)
    230-0062 Pipe coupling – standard
    230-0063 Pipe coupling IP65 “Press Fit”
    230-0065 Small 90° bend – standard
    230-0066 Small 90° bend IP65 “Press Fit”
    230-0067 Large 90° bend – standard
    230-0068 End cap 25mm
    ENC1457-A Sleeve adaptor 27– 25mm Grey FastSense25/100
    ENC1458-A Sleeve adaptor 27–25mm Black FastSense PLUS
    230-0088 Solvent Cement – 250mL
    230-0072 Pipe clip – saddle type
    230-0073 Pipe clip – collar type
    230-0074 Pipe clip mounting rail (fits up to 4 pipes)
    230-0075 Pipe clip – metal ring with 6mm thread
    230-0087 Pipe clip stand off support – M8 x 60mm stud
    230-0121 Sampling Hole Pipe Labels – 200 per roll
    Sampling Point Kits
    230-0081 Sampling Point Kit 10mm – friction fit
    230-0082 Sampling Point Kit 10mm – locking
    230-0083 Sampling Point Kit 8mm – friction fit
    230-0084 Sampling Point Kit 8mm – locking
    Sampling Point Fittings
    ENC1468-A Sampling Point T Piece (friction fit) -10mm tube
    230-0096 Lock Fitting for ENC1468-A – 10mm tube
    ENC1470-A Sampling Point T Piece (friction fit) – 8mm tube
    230-0095 Lock Fitting for ENC1470-A – 8mm tube
    230-0111 Tube – 10mm (1metre length) natural
    230-0112 Tube – 10mm (100 metre roll) natural
    230-0113 Tube – 8mm (1metre length) natural
    230-0114 Tube – 8mm (100 metre roll) natural
    ENC1466-A Sampling Point Head (friction fit) – 10mm tube
    ENC1467-A Sampling Point Head (friction fit) – 8mm tube
    LAB1549 Sampling Point Labels “Red”
    230-0099 Sampling Point Bulkhead Fitting – 10mm tube
    230-0100 Sampling Point Bulkhead Fitting – 8mm tube
    ENC1451-A Sampling Point Plug for Bulkhead Fitting
    ENC1452-A Sampling Point Plug – 10mm tube
    ENC1453-A Sampling Point Plug – 8mm tube