Fire Fan Module

Product Overview

The Fire Fan Module controls and monitors Dampers, Fire Fans, and Sprinkler Pumps.

Four individual sets of controls are provided per module with each incorporating a separate start and stop control switch and associated output relay. 

Individual control LED Status indication and associated inputs are provided for On, Off, and Auto.

Up to three Status inputs can be monitored per Fan or Damper for Run, Fault, and Stop which are programmed via the fire control panel.

Individual labels and title descriptors can be modified on-site to suit the appropriate application.

A maximum of one Fire Fan Module can be installed within each fire control panel.


Voltage 27 VDC
Quiescent Current 35 mA
Control Outputs 27VDC @ 200mA ea
Monitoring Inputs Switched negative
Operating Temperature -5°C to 55°C (no icing)
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non condensing)
Weight 230 grams


Item Numbers

4310-0021 Fire Fan Module (hardwired version)
4310-0071 Fire Fan Module (loop version)
LAB1486 Label Template