8 Zone Conventional Board

Product Overview

The 8 Zone Conventional board has been designed to interface with AMPAC’s range of Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP’s) and provides the means for the FireFinderPLUS to connect to conventional zones.

The board supports 8 conventional zones and connects to the FireFinderPLUS via the internal dedicated RS485 communications port.

Each zone can accommodate up to 40 conventional detectors and can be programmed to function in one of the following modes:

  • Normal (latching)
  • Non-latching/Self Reset
  • Dependency A, B and C (EN54-2 and AS7240-2)
  • Alarm Investigation facility

Supports either a 3K3Ω, 4K7Ω, 6K8Ω or 10KΩ resistor values or a 10uF capacitor as the end of line on all zones.

LPCB Approved.




27 VDC

Quiescent current

25mA (10uF EOL fitted)

Alarm current

25mA (per zone)

Operating temperature

-5°C to +55°C (no icing)

Relative humidity

0 to 95% (non condensing)


72.5 x 155mm



System Capacity

15 max


Item Numbers


8 Zone Conventional Board