High Output Ceiling Speaker

Product Overview

Designed to meet the requirements of evacuation and occupant warning paging systems. This high-efficiency speaker and transformer combination ensures high SPL, wide frequency response, superior speech intelligibility, and reproduction for critical fire systems applications. The ceiling mount speaker is certified to the AS ISO7240.4 standard for fire and evacuation announcements in buildings.

Each speaker is fitted with a fire retardant speaker/transformer safety cover, cable glands, and terminal blocks for easy on-site termination. The speaker utilises the One-Shot ‘snap-fit’ mounting system.


  • 15W rating for high SPL requirements.
  • 200mm low profile design.
  • Tuned PA driver designed to meet fire standards.
  • Excellent speech intelligibility.
  • Fire-resistant ABS safety cover.
  • High-quality speaker driver.
  • Compression glands supplied.
  • One-shot snap-fit’ mounting.


Rated Noise Power 15 Watts (100V line)
Power Taps & Impedance (100V line) 1.25W (8kΩ), 2.5W (4kΩ), 5W (2kΩ), 10W (1kΩ), 15W (668Ω)
Sensitivity 95dB (1W @ 1m), 83dB (1W @ 4m)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 104dB (15W @ 1m), 92dB (15W @ 4m)
Frequency Response 100Hz-15kHz, 500-4kHz ±8dB
Coverage Angle (-6dB) 500Hz: > 180°, 1000Hz: 165°, 2000Hz: 85°, 4000Hz: 55°
Environmental Type A (for indoor applications as per standard)
Speaker Component 200mm (8”) paper cone speaker
Mounting Hole 246mm Ø
Mounting Method 6 x plastic spring-loaded clip
Line Monitoring Yes, 22μF bipolar capacitor
Applicable Cable 2.5mm² (14AWG) max conductor area
Connection 4 way screw terminal
Finish White or black flame retardant ABS grille (Taitalac 8540T)
Clear Flame retardant ABS spring clips (Makrolon 6557)
Red flame retardant ABS transformer dome cover (Starex VH-0800)
Dimensions 265mm Ø x 108mm D
Weight 1.95 kg

Item Numbers

4113-1074 Ceiling Speaker 200mm White ABS Grille
4113-1075 Ceiling Speaker 200mm Black ABS Grille