Horn Speakers

Product Overview

The 10W Horn Speaker is designed for use in Emergency Warning and Intercom Systems to provide a high degree of speech articulation and program clarity which is essential to meet todays demanding evacuation standards. Compact yet very efficient with a high SPL output, the horn speaker is ideal for car parks, plant rooms, industrial plants, schools, train/bus stations and airports.

The quick fit wall bracket assembly together with bayonet fit termination chamber provide for easy and safe installation whilst working at heights. Cable access is provided for loop-in/loop-out wiring via two compression glands to a 4 way terminal block incorporating cable restraint clamp.

The Horn Speaker operates on a 100 volt circuit and incorporates a 22uF bi-polar capacitor making it suitable for end of line speaker circuit monitoring when used with Ampac alarm system products. The Horn Speaker is manufactured from tough high impact fire retardant ABS plastic and is IP66 rated for outdoor use.

Note, equalisation required for frequency response compliance to AS7240-24.


• Tough UV stabilized fire resistant plastic
• High SPL performance
• Cable restraint plate
• Extended frequency range
• Compression glands supplied
• Quick fit bracket
• Excellent speech intelligibility
• Approved to AS7240-24


Maximum power output

10 watts

Line Voltage

100 volt

Power taps & Impedance (100V line)

1.25 (8KΩ), 2.5 (4KΩ), 5 (2KΩ), 7.5 (1.33KΩ), 10 (1KΩ)


98dB (1W @ 1m), 86dB (1W @ 4m)

Maximum Sound Pressure Level

110dB (10W @ 1m), 98dB (10W @ 4m)

Frequency response

250Hz to 10KHz

Coverage Angle (-6dB)

500Hz 88˚, 1000Hz 127˚, 2000Hz 79˚, 4000Hz 58˚


280mm dia x 180mm D



Operating temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Humidity (no condensation)

0 to 95%

IP rating


Application type

Type B (outdoor applications)




Item Numbers


Grey 10W Horn Speaker


Black10W Horn Speaker