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Manual Call Point Stopper Multi Kit

Manual Call Point Stopper Kit

Protective covers help prevent malicious or accidental false fire alarms occurring without restricting legitimate operation of devices such as fire alarm break glass call points.  The sleek and unobtrusive design makes the cover ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and all public buildings where there is a history or a threat of false fire alarms and malicious behaviour.

The MCP Stopper consists of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that retrofits over the break glass call point. When lifted to gain access to the break glass, the optional battery powered integral sounder emits an ear-piercing 96 dB (at 1 metre). Immediate attention is drawn to the area and the prankster will either run or be caught.

A unique photo-luminescent material embedded in the frame of the product illuminates in the dark or dimly lit areas making it easier to locate. The MCP Stopper Multi Kit comes with one frame, 32mm Spacer, 2 coloured housing shells (red & green), 1 break seal and are available with or without sounder.

  • Protects against Vandalism
  • Reduces False Alarms
  • Easy Access
  • Protects against Accidental Damage
  • Protects MCPs & Electrical Switches
  • Ideal for Public Buildings Applications

    Housing Material Polycarbonate
    Operating Temperature -40°C to 49°C
    Sound Output (optional) 96dB at 1m
    Mounting Options Flush & Surface
    4105-9001 MCP Stopper Multi Kit
    4105-9002 MCP Stopper Multi Kit with Sounder
    4105-9003 50mm Spacer
    4105-9004 Break Seal Replacement (qty 10)