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Marine Intelligent IR3 Base Mounted Flame Detector

The Marine Intelligent Base Mounted Triple Infra-Red (IR3) Flame Detectors are designed to protect indoor areas where open fires may be present.

The detector is sensitive to low frequency, flickering IR radiation emitted by flames during combustion. Since it responds to flickering radiation the detector can operate even if the lens is contaminated by a layer of oil, dust, water-vapour, or ice.

  • Responds to stationary flames with no flicker.
  • Sensitive to low-frequency flickering IR radiation emitted by flames during combustion.
  • A compact flame detector that fits into Discover Marine Bases.
  • Loop powered.
  • False alarm due to factors such as flickering sunlight is avoided by a combination of filters and signal processing techniques.

Certification: MED & ABS

    Operating Voltage 17 - 28 V dc
    Quiescent Current 2.5 mA
    Alarm Current 4.2 mA
    Field of View 90° Cone
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
    Relative Humidity 95% (no condensing or icing)
    IP Rating Designed to IP66
    Dimensions 100mm Dia x 40mm H
    Weight (inc base) 150 grams

    Please Note: All data is supplied subject to change without notice. Specifications are typical at 24 V, 25°C and 50% RH unless otherwise stated.

    55000-029MAR Marine IR3 Flame Detector