ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detection

Product Overview

State-of-the-art analogue linear heat detection delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

ProReact Analogue is an interface unit and analogue heat detection cable designed to interface between a standard fire alarm panel or addressable module.

The interface unit monitors specially doped polymers within the sensor cable whose resistance change with temperature. An abnormal change in resistance along the analogue heat detection cable triggers either a PREALARM or ALARM on the interface module and corresponding initiating zone on a fire alarm control panel. The unit is intended to be simple and straightforward to install and is commissioned using a built-in self-programming module or via a laptop computer. The sensor cable has been designed to be physically and electronically rugged to suit all but the most extreme environments.

Applications Include:

  • Power generation industries
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Cold storage and industrial freezers
  • Cable trays
  • Floating roof storage tanks

Item Numbers

4114-2001-0100 Analogue 100m PVC Sheath
4114-2001-0200 Analogue 200m PVC Sheath
4114-2001-0500 Analogue 500m PVC Sheath
4114-2101-0100 Analogue 100m Nylon Sheath
4114-2101-0200 Analogue 200m Nylon Sheath
4114-2101-0500 Analogue 500m Nylon Sheath
4114-1950 Analogue Controller inc EOL
4114-1951 Analogue PC Prog Controller
4114-2952 LST EOL Unit (Spare)