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Soteria DIN Input Output Unit

Soteria DIN Input Output Unit

The Soteria DIN Input Output Unit provides supervision of one or more normally open volt free contacts connected to a single pair of cables and a set of changeover relay output contacts.

The Soteria DIN Input Output Unit is designed to be mounted on a 35mm width DIN Rail inside an enclosure. The unit is not designed for outdoor use unless it is mounted in a suitable weatherproof enclosure.

  • Improved design for ease of wiring meaning faster installation
  • Short circuit isolator
  • Address range 1 - 126
  • Compatibility with XP95 and Discovery protocol
  • Failsafe Mode (meets BS 7273-4 requirements)

Approvals: AS ISO 7240.18:2015

    Supply Voltage (Vmin—Vmax) 17 to 35V dc
    Protocol 5-13V peak to peak
    Power-Up Surge Current 900µA
    Quiescent Current 500µA
    Max Current LEDs On 3.5mA
    Max Current LEDs Disabled 500µA
    Relay Output Contact Rating 1A at 30V dc or ac
    Isolator Data Refer to short-circuit isolation datasheet PDS201-9001
    Operating Temperature -40°C + 70°C
    Humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
    Vibration, Impact, and Shock EN54-17, EN54-18, AS7240.17 & AS7240.18
    Standards & Approvals EN54-17, EN54-18, CPR, LPCB, AS7240.17, AS7240.18 & SAI Global
    Dimensions 33mm H x 102mm W x 33mm D
    Weight 49 grams
    4110-1102 Soteria DIN Input Output Unit