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Surface Speaker 100mm

The Surface Mount 100mm Speaker is suitable for use in plant rooms, warehouses, shopping centres and malls.

Moulded from industrial grade, talc-filled polypropylene and is designed to mount directly to the underside of concrete slabs or inaccessible ceiling. The housing rung is surface mounted with concealed internal fixings and the speaker is mounted to the grill which is then screw fixed to the surface mounting ring.

Speaker cable entry can be either from the rear or via surface mounted conduit(four 19mm conduit knockouts are provided).

The speaker is fitted with a 100V line multi-tapped transformer and 4 way wire protected terminal strip with 22µF bipolar capacitor for line monitoring applications in EWIS systems.

  • 100V Line Voltage
  • Fire Power Output Settings
  • Safety Cover to Terminals
  • Capacity End of Line for Speaker Monitoring
  • Suitable fr Evacuation and PA Systems

    Driver 100mm (4”) dual cone
    Power Taps 0.33, 0.66, 1.25, 2.5, 5W
    SPL 90dB at 1m
    Frequency Response 100Hz-20kHz
    Dimensions 219mm Dia x 65mm H
    Weight 900 grams
    218-0022 Surface Speaker – 100mm