VTB-I Sounder Beacon

Product Overview

The VTB-I sounder beacon is part of the Vantage family of products and has been designed for fire alarm system applications.

The sounder function, like all the Vantage family of  products, is a low profile sounder with 32 selectable tones as standard and is factory set to the Australian compliant AS4428-16 tone. The sounder has the option of a changeover facility from Alert to Evacuate tone, when    installed using 3 core cable.

The beacon function has been designed for maximum all round visibility coupled with low power consumption utilising an array of energy efficient LED’s.

The VTB-I is available with red or white body incorporating a shallow or deep mounting base. Both the sounder and beacon functions are fully synchronised.

Refer tone table for full list of available tones.



  • Shallow body IP21C and deep body IP65C
  • Twist and lock bayonet mounting
  • Body colour options – Red and White
  • Removal cover on deep base for surface wiring
  • Switch selectable beacon only option
  • Designed to work with conventional alarm circuits
  • Synchronisation between devices
  • Switch selectable volume output levels
  • 32 selectable sounder tones
  • Factory set AS4428-16:2015 compliant tones



Volume settings

3 – high, medium & low


21 to 28Vdc

Current at Vmax (28 Vdc)

31mA high, 18mA med, 12mA low

Current at Vmin (21 Vdc)

20mA high, 12mA med, 8mA low

Sound output typical

Max 96.7dB (high)

Sound pattern (Evacuate)


Sound pressure (Alert)

520Hz +/- 5% on a temporal 3 pattern (ISO8201)

520Hz +/- 5%, 1 pulse of tone for 0.5 seconds followed by 3.5  seconds of silence (ISO7731)

Flash rate and colour

1 Hz (red or amber)

Temperature range (°C)

-20°C to + 70°C


Reverse polarity

Protection rating (AS7240-3)

(BS EN60629)

IP21C (shallow body)

IP65C (deep body)


Ø 93mm x 90mm D (shallow)

Ø 93mm x 107mm D (deep)

Boxed weight (kg)

0.22 (shallow) 0.25 (deep)

Body colour

Red or White

Sounder type

Type A



Item Numbers

4107-5101 VTB-I Red Lens Shallow Red Body
4107-5102 VTB-I Amber Lens Shallow Red Body
4107-5103 VTB-I Red Lens Deep Red Body
4107-5104 VTB-I Amber Lens Deep Red Body
4107-5105 VTB-I Red Lens Shallow White Body
4107-5106 VTB-I Amber Lens Shallow White Body
4107-5107 VTB-I Red Lens Deep White Body
4107-5108 VTB-I Amber Lens Deep White Body