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XP95 Addressable Optical Smoke Detector

XP95 Optical Smoke Detector XP95 Optical Smoke Detector Black

The XP95 Optical Smoke Detector works using the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely. The detector continuously monitors the environment for contamination of clean air by smoke particles, facilitating early warning of incipient fires.

  • Alarm flag for fast alarm reporting.
  • Insect-resistant.
  • Electronics-free base.
  • Responds well to slow-burning, smouldering fires.
  • Easy installation.
  • Well suited to bedrooms and escape routes.
  • Elegant design.
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressures.

Approvals: AS ISO 7240.7-2018

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    Voltage 17-28 VDC
    Quiescent Current 340µA at 24 VDC
    Alarm Current 3.5mA at 24 VDC
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C (no icing)
    Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non condensing)
    IP Rating IP23D (indoor)
    Size (inc Base) 100mm D x 50mm D
    Weight (inc Base) 157 grams
    4106-2001 XP95 Optical Smoke Detector
    4106-2010 XP95 Optical Smoke (Black) Detector