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XP95 Addressable Sounder Control Unit with Isolator

Sounder Control Unit with Isolator

The XP95 Sounder Control Unit with Isolator is designed to control a zone of conventional sounders powered by an external DC supply. The sounders will be switched on to sound continuously or be pulsed, 1s on 1s off. The Sounder Controllers at different addresses may be controlled individually or in selectable groups and have a facility for synchronising the outputs when being pulsed.

  • Allows sounders to be operated continuously or be pulsed, 1 second on 1 second off.
  • Can be synchronized when in pulsed operation.

Approvals: AS ISO 7240.17:2015 and AS ISO 7240.18:2015

    Voltage 17-28 V DC
    Quiescent Current 1.95mA at 24 V DC
    Loop Current Max 5.5mA
    External Supply 9-32vdc 1.25A
    External Quiescent Current 3mA at 32 V DC
    External Current Max 47mA + load
    Sounder Circuit Load Max 1A at 30 V DC
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C (no icing)
    Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non condensing)
    IP Rating IP54
    Size 150mm W x 90mm H x 48mm D
    Weight 240 grams
    201-0127 XP95 Sounder Control Unit with Isolator