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Melbourne, Victoria


Cold Storage Facility


Wagner ASD


Oxford Cold Storage is Australia’s largest privately owned cold storage operator. With over 30 years experience in warehousing and distribution, Oxford has made use of cutting edge technology to keep their services accurate, reliable and online. The Oxford Cold Storage main facility is located on a 24 hectare site (60 acres) in Laverton North, Victoria. Oxford have been progressively installing Wagner ProSens Freezer ASD since 2008, tried and proven as the most suitable product for this application.  


Oxfords Cold Storage Installation at Laverton North has a total of 24 Wagner ProSens Freezer rated units covering approximately 35,544m2 of Freezer & Coolroom Space.  


Working as low as -30 DegC is challenging for all equipment. Smoke detection systems are no exception. Wagner Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD’s) are designed to be installed and operate inside such environments. This technology is engineered for such applications, offering the end user many advantages.

Internal installations minimise wall and ceiling penetrations alleviating opportunity for humidity which results in condensation and ice building up on pipework and sampling points. Oxford have benefited greatly with a large reduction of simulated (false) alarms, which result in excessive service call out fees and fire brigade charges. Even though Oxford proactively manage the site and ensure the freezers remain dry and stabilised, frosting & icing is inevitable with constant opening and closing of access doors, resulting in peaks of temperature changes.


The Wagner ASD Automated BlowFree installation will detect the reduction of air flow when sample point blockages occur, triggering compressed dried air back through the pipe work, clearing frost and ice from the engineered and  patented rubber BlowFree aspiration points.


“We needed a robust solution to overcome challenges faced within a harsh freezer environment. The Wagner Freezer system was able to meet and beat that challenge”
– Grant Keating, AB Oxford


Smoke Detection System Wagner ASD
Special Feature Automated BlowFree
Model ProSens Freezer
Total ASD Units 24 Units
Area Of Coverage Approx 35,544m2