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FireFinder / EV3000 Combo System


Aegis Melville Aged Care is a new state of the art establishment that is staffed by dedicated and highly trained nursing care personnel and employs the most advanced technology and equipment for residents’ comfort and safety, and for maintaining their independence.

Additional support services are provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and, where appropriate, palliative care. Care Plans are created to meet resident’s individual needs, including those with dementia and related symptoms. Places are also available for respite care where a need for short term support exists.
All Aegis High Care residences have been awarded the full three year Commonwealth Accreditation in recognition of their very high standards.


One of the Challenges when dealing with Aged care is to provide a solution where we could reduce the consequence of an unwanted alarm. This was achieved through AAF’s (Alarm Acknowledgment Facility)


4 x Alarm Acknowledgment Facility (AAF) Devices were used in this project. The AAF is a loop powered addressable device that helps reduce the costly consequence of an unwanted alarm. When an alarm condition occurs in a room as a result of an incipient fire, the sounder at the local AAF is activated. At this stage the signal to the fire brigade and emergency
warning system is inhibited and the 0 to 60 second “Alarm Acknowledgement Period” is commenced.

During the alarm acknowledgement period the occupant of the room can acknowledge the alarm by pressing the silence button located on the AAF. Acknowledging the alarm will silence the local sounder and activate the 0 to 180 second “Investigate Period”.
At the expiry of the investigation period, if the alarm still exists, a fire alarm will be announced which will activate the signal to the fire brigade and emergency warning system.

A fire alarm will also be announced, if the alarm is not acknowledged within the “Alarm Acknowledgement
Period”. The AAF has a short circuit isolator built-in, which provides a high level of system integrity when installed on the addressable detector loop. The circuitry is self resetting in the event the fault condition is removed.The Alarm Acknowledgement Facility Module manages false alarm events succinctly by its unique operation of being able to differentiate between the two distinct characteristics of a fire; Smoke and Heat. The DUAL STAGE™ operation can alert the occupant or building manager of an appending risk through its early detection of smoke; In any event that either heat or no action taken from the smoke event the fire alarm panel can call the brigade.


The fire detection system is comprised of 2 analogue/addressable loops compatible with the XP95/Discovery range of detectors. 4 fan controls installed to operate the fire fans via addressable interfaces as per AS1668 and 4 x AAF’s. All of which is powered by a 5 Amp power supply and battery backed according to AS1670.1.

The emergency warning system is comprised of 1 x 40W amplifier to provide the functionality of public address and emergency tones for the orderly evacuation of the building. 3 warden intercom phones are also used to facilitate the evacuation procedure. 1 x Remote Paging Console for Remote Public Address paging. All of which is powered by the 6A power supply and battery backed according to AS1670.4.      


“Working closely with Ampac we’re able to achieve the desired solution and completed the project on time.”

– Matt Meaden


FireFinder / EV3000 Combo 1
Loops 2
Detectors 200
Interfaces 35
AS1668 Controls 4
AAF Modules 4
EWS Zones 1
EIS Zones 3
Remote Paging Console 1
Detector Model XP95 / Discovery