Beacon / Strobe Sign Plate

Product Overview

The Beacon Strobe Sign Plate mounts directly behind the single Beacon or Sounder/Beacon and is generally located outside the main entrance to the building to attract the attention of approaching firefighters.


Fixing Directly behind the strobe or beacon
Material Galvanised Painted Metal
4210-0048 / 0049 120mm x 160mm x 3mm
4210-0148 200mm x 230mm x 3mm


Item Numbers

4210-0048 Vantage Sounder/Beacon FIRE Legend Plate
4210-0049 ASL-86 Strobe FIRE Legend Plate
4210-0145 FIRE Label 25mm Text
4210-0149 FIRE Label 15mm Text
4210-0148 Vantage Sounder/Beacon FIRE Legend Plate (AS1670.1)