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FireFinder PLUS Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel EN54

FireFinder PLUS SP1 FireFinder Plus EN54 SPX Fire Alarm Control Panel

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    Network Interface Card 2 Wire
    The Network Interface Card allows up to 99 FireFinder PLUS panels to be connected in a high integrity redundant network configuration.

    The 8 Way Relay Board provides additional volt-free relay contacts to enhance the capabilities of the panel.

    The 8 Way Sounder Board provides an additional 8 monitored Sounder Outputs to enhance the capabilities of the panel.
    Switch and Indicator Module
    The 8 Way Switch and Indicator Module controls and monitors ancillary equipment via configurable switches.

    The 8 Zone Conventional Board provides 8 monitored conventional zones and connects via RS485 communications port.

    The 16 Way Input Board provides additional programmable inputs to enhance the capabilities of the Fire Alarm Control Panel. 
    32 Zone Indicator Card
    The 32 Zone Alarm Indicator Module provides 32 Zone LED's capable of indicating Zone, Disable, Fault, and Dependency B.
    4310-0091 Agent Release LCS Surface
    The Agent Release Local Control Station provides remote status indication and control for the Agent Release Module.
    FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel Agent Release Module
    The Agent Release System comprises of the Main Control Card, Termination Board, and Local Control Stations.

    The Fire Fan Module provides the controls and status indicators for up to four Fire Fans, Dampers, and Sprinkler Pumps.

    The High-Level Interface Expander provides the ability for the Fire Alarm Control Panels to support a range of high-level interface options.

    The Zone Disable & Indicator Module monitors and disables zones providing 8 access level 2 toggle switches.