2 Wire Network Interface Board

Product Overview

The Network Interface Card is compatible with the FireFinder PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel. It allows up to 99 FireFinder PLUS panel’s (nodes) to be connected in a high integrity redundant network configuration. The network is capable of withstanding an open or short circuit fault without the loss of communications to any nodes. The maximum length of cable between each node is 1.2km.

The network operates as a peer to peer network, with all device state changes shared over the network. Each node can be configured as to which state changes are displayed. This configuration is specified in terms of nodes, loops or groups.

The network also supports compressed file transfer for the application software and configuration file. Using this facility all nodes can have their application software and configuration updated simultaneously. Configuration of the network is handled by the ConfigManager Plus Windows application.


  • Supports Redundant Network, with Isolated Network In and Out Ports
  • Up to 99 Network Nodes
  • 115200 Baud Rate
  • Distance Between Nodes 1.2km
  • Uses Industry Standard RS485
  • Diagnostic LEDs


Operating Voltage 27 VDC
Quiescent Current 41 mA
Max Nodes 99
Protocol RS485
Recommended Cable 2 Core, Screened Fire Resistant
Cable Length Node to Node 1.2 km
Temperature -5ºC to + 40ºC


Item Numbers

4210-0006 Network Interface Card 2 Wire