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Addressable Open Area Sounder

Open Area Red Sounder XP95 Open Area White Sounder

The Addressable Open Area Sounder is a loop-powered, wall-mounted device that has been designed for use in open areas and can be connected to any Discovery or XP95 system.

The Addressable Open Area Sounder incorporates synchronisation of continuous and pulsed tones. This ensures the integrity of the alert signal as tones from different sounders do not merge into one signal that could be mistaken for an evacuate signal.

A nominal sound output of 100dB is achieved at a current consumption of 5mA while the acoustic self-test feature enables the sounder to listen to itself when switched on and if no sound is detected, a fault signal will be transmitted to the control panel. A yellow fault LED will also be illuminated when a detection loop short circuit is detected.

To aid installation, the sounder incorporates a simple twist and click insertion method which avoids wiring and connection problems.

  • Synchronisation of Tones.
  • Individual and Group Addressing.
  • Two Volume Settings.
  • Loop Powered.
  • Built-In Isolator.
  • Self Test Fault Monitoring.
  • Red and White Options.
  • IP65 Rated Option.

    Voltage (Polarity Sensitive) 17 - 28 VDC
    Quiescent Current 333µA at 24V DC
    Max Current 5mA
    Max sounder output 92 - 100dB(A) ±3dB(A)
    Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C (no icing)
    Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (non condensing)
    IP Rating IP65
    Size 97.5mm Dia x 104mm H
    Weight 225 grams
    205-0100 Open Area Red Sounder
    205-0101 Open Area White Sounder