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Orbis Conventional Marine Heat Detector

Orbis Marine BR Heat Detector Orbis Marine CR Heat Detector Orbis Marine CS Heat Detector

The Orbis Marine Heat Detector range incorporates four heat detector classes to suit a wide variety of operating conditions in which smoke detectors are unsuitable. Al heat detectors in the Orbis Marine range are tested as static or rate-of-rise detectors and are classified as BR, CR, CS, and A2S

  • They can be used for applications where smoke detectors are not suitable.
  • Ideal for environments that are dirty or smokey under normal conditions.
  • Reduced incidences of false alarms.
  • Increased reliability of detection.

Certification: MED, BV, ABS, LR, KRS, DNV.GL & CCS

    Operating Voltage 8.5 to 33 V DC
    Alarm Current (12V) 20mA
    Alarm Current (24 V) 40mA
    Remote Output 1.2kΩ to -ve supply
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C (no icing)
    Relative Humidity 0 to 98% RH
    IP Rating Designed to IP23D
    Size (inc base) 100mm D x 51mm H

    Please Note: All data is supplied subject to change without notice. Specifications are typical at 24 V, 23°C and 50% RH unless otherwise stated.

    ORB-HT-41003-MAR Orbis Marine BR Heat Detector
    ORB-HT-41005-MAR Orbis Marine CR Heat Detector
    ORB-HT-41006-MAR Orbis Marine CS Heat Detector
    ORB-OP-42001-MAR Orbis Marine A2S Heat Detector