ProReact Digital Linear Heat Detection

Product Overview

Tried and tested linear overheat detection.

ProReact is a range of digital linear heat detection cables and is designed to trigger a response when a specific temperature is reached. If the temperature surrounding the cable reaches the activation temperature the two cores quickly come into contact and trigger an alarm. These cables are known as ‘digital’ because they are ‘off’ below the activation temperature and irreversibly switch ‘on’ when the activation temperature is reached.

The technology uses a twisted pair of low resistance, tri-metallic conductors, sheathed in advanced temperature-sensitive polymers.

Detector Action Temperatures

  • 68°C
  • 78°C
  • 88°C
  • 105°C
  • 185°C


  • Power generation industries
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Mine sites
  • Cold storage and industrial freezers
  • Floating roof storage tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Cable trays
  • Warehousing

Item Numbers

4114-1001-xxxx 68 – PVC Sheath
4114-1002-xxxx 78 – PVC Sheath
4114-1003-xxxx 88 – PVC Sheath
4114-1004-xxxx 105 – PVC Sheath
4114-1101-xxxx 68 – Nylon Sheath
4114-1102-xxxx 78 – Nylon Sheath
4114-1103-xxxx 88 – Nylon Sheath
4114-1104-xxxx 105 – Nylon Sheath
4114-1105-xxxx 185 – Nylon Sheath

xxxx = cable length in metres, available lengths:

  • 0100 = 100m
  • 0200 = 200m
  • 0500 = 500m
  • 1000 = 1000m

Polypropylene outer sheath and Stainless Steel outer braid on PVC variants also available