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Soteria DIN Switch Monitor Unit

Soteria DIN Switch Monitor Unit

The Soteria DIN Switch Monitor Unit is designed to monitor the state of one or more single-pole, volt-free contacts connected on a single pair of cables, and to report the status. It has a selectable status reporting delay making it suitable for monitoring flow switches.

The Soteria DIN Switch Monitor Unit is designed to be mounted on a 35 mm width DIM Rail inside an enclosure. The unit is not designed for outdoor use unless it is mounted in a suitable weatherproof enclosure.

  • Improved design for ease or wiring, meaning faster installation
  • Short circuit isolator
  • Address range 1 - 126
  • Compatibility with XP95 and Discovery protocol

Approvals: AS ISO 7240.18:2015

    Supply Voltage (Vmin—Vmax) 17 to 35V dc
    Protocol 5-13V peak to peak
    Power-Up Surge Current 900µA
    Quiescent Current 500µA
    Max Current LEDs On 2mA
    Max Current LEDs Disabled 500µA
    Isolator Data Refer to short-circuit isolation datasheet PDS201-9001
    Operating Temperature -40°C + 70°C
    Humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
    Vibration, Impact, and Shock EN54-17, EN54-18, AS7240.17 & AS7240.18
    Standards & Approvals EN54-17, EN54-18, CPR, LPCB, AS7240.17, AS7240.18 & SAI Global
    Dimensions 33mm H x 102mm W x 33mm D
    Weight 46 grams
    4110-1105 Soteria DIN Switch Monitor Unit