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Universal XPERT Address Card

The Universal XPERT Address Card is supplied with all bases. Using a coding guide, pips are removed to set the address of the inserted detector.

The Universal XPERT Address Card has been designed to allow the same card to be used on both XPERT 7 (XP95 / Discovery) and XPERT 8 (Soteria Core) Bases.

  • Allows installation in all base types.
  • Address pips have additional lead-in for higher tolerance.
  • Simplifies and speeds up installation and commissioning.
  • The address remains the same, no matter how often detectors are replaced.
  • Includes 128th pip for CoreProtocol systems.

    Compatibility XP95 / Discovery / Soteria
    Number of Pips 8
    Pip Height +0.01mm
    Address Card to Detector Pip Contact Diameter Ø1.7mm - 2mm
    Break-Out Web on Pip 0.6mm (2 x per Pip)
    Material 46000-005 (PC) White Colour
    38531-771 Blank XPERT Card
    201-0013 Pre-Addressed (1-126) XPERT Cards

    To set an address using the Universal XPERT Card you have to remove the pips using a screwdriver. 

    The pips are designed with numbers. Each pip is added together to provide the final address. 

    Note: When using the Universal XPERT Card with XP95 or Discovery devices, the 128 pip can be removed or left in-situ.

    Click here to view address examples