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XP95 Addressable DIN-Rail Dual Isolator

The XP95 DIN-Rail Dual Isolator provides, in one housing, two independent isolators that sense and isolate short-circuits on XP95 loops and spurs.

The isolators are loop-powered and are polarity sensitive. A maximum of twenty XP95 detectors may be installed between isolators.

When a short circuit condition exits on either side of the isolator, its yellow LED is illuminated.

The unit is intended for use in systems using the XP95 or Discovery protocols.

Approvals: AS ISO 7240.17:2015

    Maximum Supply Voltage 30 V DC + 9V protocol pulses
    Volt Drop
    At 50mA 10 m V
    At 500mA 100 m V
    Switch-On Voltage Input 17.5 V, Output 15 V
    Switch-On Time (to step), 2kΩ load at 18V 30mS
    Isolation Time, 2kΩ load at 18V 20μS
    Isolating Voltage 14 V DC
    Isolation Indicator Yellow LED, lit continuously in isolation condition
    Current Consumption
    At 18V 27μA
    At 28V 47μA
    At 18V and Adjacent Sector Isolated 4mA
    Maximum Line Current
    Non-Isolating Continuous 1.0A
    Transition into Isolation 3.0A
    On-Resistance 0.2Ω
    Emission To BS EN 50081-1
    Immunity To BS EN 50130-4
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Storing Temperature -30°C to +80°C
    Relative Humidity 0% - 95% (No Condensation / Icing)
    Design Environment Indoor Use Only
    Dimensions 100 x 107 x 20mm
    Weight 90 grams
    201-0145 DIN Rail Mount Isolator