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Gatwick Catering Centre

Admiral Fire Systems Ltd, an NSI Gold and BAFE SP203-1 accredited company, turned to Ampac for a comprehensive solution to meet their unique needs. Ampac responded by providing an innovative approach to fire safety:

  • Loop Expansion Module: Ampac offered a Loop expansion module that allowed the integration of two additional Loops into the existing LoopSense system. This expansion enabled the connection of additional fire detection devices, enhancing the overall safety coverage within the facility.
  • Aspirating System: In addition to loop expansion, Ampac supplied a complete Aspirating System that would protect the vital catering preparation and packing area. This system is known for its early smoke detection capabilities, making it ideal for safeguarding critical areas where early fire detection is essential.
  • Design and Consultation Support: Ampac went beyond providing hardware solutions by offering invaluable design and consultation support. The team worked closely with Admiral Fire Systems Ltd to ensure that the chosen fire safety solutions were aligned with the project's unique requirements & deadlines.

The Challenge

The Airline Catering Centre near Gatwick Airport, faced a significant expansion project, necessitating an urgent need for enhanced fire safety measures. With critical deadlines looming, the challenge was to expand the existing Ampac System while incorporating additional Aspirating Systems seamlessly.

The Solution

Ampac's LoopSense control panel's expandability was a standout feature, allowing for the easy addition of an extra loop module. This not only saved costs but also reduced the complexity of the upgrade process.

Ampac's solution offered Admiral Fire Systems Ltd a cost-effective, time-sensitive, and highly adaptable approach to enhancing the fire safety infrastructure of the Airline Catering Centre. The successful completion of this project underscores Ampac's expertise and commitment to safeguarding critical facilities, even under the most demanding circumstances.

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